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Address:Guoxi Industrial Zone, Zhangguo Town, Xinghua City, Jiangsu Province, China
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Company profile
   Originated in 1988 from Zhangguo Town in Taizhou City, the "hometown of electric heater" in China, Aiksen has seen 31 years of development. Mr. He Qinghong, the founder of Aiksen, is one of the earliest craftsmen in China who made the electric heater band. After graduating from school at a young age, He started his career as a mechanical engineer and quickly grown all the way to be expert to make electric heater bands within merely a few years. The electric heater bands made by Mr. He was well-known in the local market for its excellent performance and durability. This experience gives birth to the very DNA of Aiksen: "Be diligent and hardworking to live the craftsmanship".
After Mr. He Qinghong's retirement in 2007, his son, Mr. He Haibing took over the electric heater band business. Mr. He Haibing, a graduate of Chien-Shiung Wu College of Southeast University, is a born techie and with many years of experience working in foreign companies. A collision between creative ideas and traditional industry brings new energy to the business. Soon after He started to run the business, he registered the trademark of "Haixin Heater", and carried out up to 17 improvements on the traditional ceramic heater band, including to replace the manual work with moldings, improve insulation structure, connection patterns and product appearance, even designed the logo of "Haixin Heater" by himself. What once used to be a traditional handicraft quickly turned to a new industrial product. In 2009, Mr. He established Taizhou Aiksen, and moved the family business to a newly built modern workshop. The number of employees increased from 2 to 16 to meet the substantial order increase. A thriving small micro-manufacturing company has taken shape.
In 2011, the company changed its name to Aiksen (Jiangsu), launched its new official website and brand logo to impress its customers with an image of a modern manufacturing enterprise. Meanwhile, the company started to contribute to the patent protection of the original design. In 2012, Aiksen (Jiangsu) achieved its first invention patent, "professional energy-saving electric furnace", which was the prototype of the current start product "Nano-infrared industry heater". At the end of 2012, the research team led by Mr. He Haibing successfully worked out the second generation of "Nano-infrared industry heater", which is of smaller size and higher energy-saving performance. After three upgrades within two years, the research team launched the fifth generation of this product, known as NG5. What became a hot topic in the industry was the "four-year warranty" committed by Aiksen, which is longer than that of any other manufacturers. At the NPE exhibition in Orlando, USA in 2015, Borche exhibited sample product with NG5, which soon got the attention of all participants. At the Chinaplas 2015 in Guangzhou, 12 of the host exhibitors presented products with NG5. The Aiksen's electric heater band impressed everyone just like a golden ring shining in the exhibition.
With the standardization of production management and product quality as its constant focus, Aiksen has obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification and gained CE, FCC, and RoHS certificates. Aiksen, owner of 33 patents, is the leader in the industry for its technical competence. In 2015, Aiksen was selected as one of the "Pilot Sites for Brand Cultivation" by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in China, and in 2017, Aiksen became the fifth council unit of China Plastics Processing Industry Association.
In the following years, Aiksen team developed a series of leading technologies such as FR recovery technology, VDH vertical heater, ACT (intelligent fine temperature control) technology, and HT6 ultra-high temperature technology. Aiksen also developed the exclusive and innovative LSD smart leak detector, a highly popular product in the market. Aiksen exports its products to Japan, the United States, South Korea, Mexico, India, Indonesia, Turkey, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, and other countries and regions. At present, Aiksen's HT6 ultra-high temperature infrared electric heater band is exported to Japan Steel Works, Ltd. (JSW), which marks the first time in history that Chinese electric heater band manufacturer became the supplier for Japanese plastics machinery.
In 2018, Aiksen's star product, "NG Series Nano-infrared industry heater " was listed in the "selection of outstanding products in machinery industry" for 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening, ranked at the 85th position.
Aiksen has cooperated with various parts, including injection molding machine manufacturers: Chen-hsong machinery, Yizumi, Haida, Tederic Machinery, Highsun Machinery, Yonghua Machinery, BOLE Machinery, Hwamda Machinery, Haixing Machinery, L.K. Machinery, Powerjet Machinery, Ongo Machinery, Demark Holding Group, Haihang Machinery, Fully Machinery, KM-Machine, Youcan Machinery, Rainbow Company, and Ningsu Machinery; vertical injection moulding machine manufacturers: TAYU Machinery, Akplas Machinery; film casting equipment manufacturers: Xinle Huabao Machinery; plastics extruder manufacturers: JWELL Machinery, Borch Machinery, SUP, BEIER Group, Dart Extrusion Machinery, Guangda Chemical, Kingswel Machinery, Haobang Machinery; Taiwan's plastic machine manufacturers: CLF, Hwa Chin Machinery, Caifeng Machinery; Japanese plastic machine manufacturer: JSW; the US plastic machine manufacture: Milacron; Korean plastic machine manufacturer: LS Molding Machines Division.
Aiksen's energy saving products are the quality selection of various brand customers, including: CHINT Group, Far Eastern Group, Midea Group, Great Wall Motor Company Limited, M&G Stationery, Deli Stationery, Jiangnan Mould And Plastic, Gree Electric, Supor, Siemens, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, Fuyao Glass Industry Group Co. Ltd, Jiangsu Yanghe Brewery, Bosch, SK Japan, and HELLA.
With continuous efforts of two generations during the past 31 years, Aiksen has grown to the "leading company" with market share over 75% in Chinese energy-saving heater band industry. Aiksen has built two production bases, with an elite team of 96 members. Encouraged by the previous achievements, Aiksen will continuously be committed to the exploration of Chinese energy-saving electric heater industry by practicing its DNA: “Be diligent and hardworking to live the craftsmanship”. Aiksen serves as an active contributor to the rubber and plastics industry as well as energy saving industry. By saving energy, Aiksen Hope to protect our planet with you together!
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