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Address:Guoxi Industrial Zone, Zhangguo Town, Xinghua City, Jiangsu Province, China
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Company profile
     Aitherms  Smart Electric CO.,LTD. is special for manufacturing electric heating devices in Taizhou Jiangsu Province. Its main products are the Nano-infrared heater, Smart Leaking Detector, Smart hot-air dryer, ceramic heater ,mica heater and other electric heaters which are manufactured as the customers’ requirements.
     Our products are used widely in plastics processing, packing, medical equipment, aerospace, scientific instruments, food processing, electric industry and so on. Our products have gotten 33 patents and have obtained ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CE, FCC, and RoHS certificates.
     Our principle is : pursuing success by quality and service. The demands of customers is the most important thing.  
     Aitherms has cooperated with many customers, such as Chen-hsong machinery, Yizumi, Haida, Tederic Machinery, Highsun Machinery, Yonghua Machinery, BOLE Machinery, Hwamda Machinery, Haixing Machinery, L.K. Machinery, Powerjet Machinery, Ongo Machinery, Demark Holding Group, Haihang Machinery, Fully Machinery, KM-Machine, Youcan Machinery, Rainbow Company, Ningsu Machinery; TAYU Machinery, Akplas Machinery; Xinle Huabao Machinery, JWELL Machinery, Borch Machinery, SUP, BEIER Group, Dart Extrusion Machinery, Guangda Chemical, Kingswel Machinery, Haobang Machinery; CLF, Hwa Chin Machinery, Caifeng Machinery; LS Molding Machines Division, CHINT Group, Far Eastern Group, Midea Group, Great Wall Motor Company Limited, M&G Stationery, Deli Stationery, Jiangnan Mould And Plastic, Gree Electric, Supor, Siemens, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, Fuyao Glass Industry Group Co. Ltd, Jiangsu Yanghe Brewery, Bosch, SK Japan, HELLA and so on.
     With continuous efforts during the past 31 years, Aitherms has grown to the "leading company" with market share over 75% in Chinese energy-saving heater band industry. 
     Thanks for the help of our dear customers for years. Welcome to Aitherms. Let’s hold hands together for the better tomorrow.
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